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The Farmhouse Refresh with All The Feels

[...and ready for a new family!]

Over the years, my favourite design projects have always been those that affect the owners in a big way. Some projects make lives easier, some make dispositions happier. Sometimes just making a home more functional can improve lives in ways you don't even think of after having your home the same way for many years. A Project like No Other This farmhouse project is a favourite in a different way - it is a project that had a huge impact on me, the designer.

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Just One Drawer:

Advice for how to begin to organize your life.

Along with a sense of being overwhelmed by the process of organization, I want to say that the decision-making process is a major stumbling block to organization. How many of us have stopped mid cleaning spree to sit on the floor clutching a baby onesie to our chest lost in all of the feels, or spent an hour paging through our high school yearbook lost in nostalgia? We are all human, and many of the things we surround ourselves with are icons of our history – they tell our story, give us comfort, and holding on to them gives us a feeling of security.

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