The Team

Cathi Hobbins

Image of Cathi Hobbins

Armed with the resources to source out just about anything for your home, Cathi loves a design challenge...from contacting small villages in South Africa to find a juju hat, to customizing your sofa to fit both your space and your body perfectly. With 20 years of expertise in custom furniture and designing beautiful spaces, Cathi has made her mark on Grande Prairie and area's design world - on interiors and exteriors; on commercial, retail, and residential properties. Her design talents have been featured in local publications and as well, the national design magazine Style at Home.

Cathi's driving strategy is to find creative design solutions that are both beautiful and functional for her clients, while representing their personal style and story. Imagine how a bird collects twigs and branches, fluff, and tufts of grass from all over - combining them cohesively to build their perfect nest - she will approach your home in a similar way. Each piece thoughtfully collected for your home should have a story; a memory, meaning, or some personal importance; or hold some actual appreciation or admiration by you - whether locally crafted or simply beautiful to look at.

She believes your space should be curated and collected - not cluttered - and pieces should be carefully chosen over time; a harmonious blend of the past and present, where every space becomes the canvas for telling your unique, personal story.

Marianne Kaliel

Marianne Kaliel is a home organization specialist who also excels at public relations, creative writing, and making our team roar with laughter. She appreciates the beauty in details for your home and is currently studying to become an Interior Designer. Assisting Cathi with most design projects, Marianne brings her creative design ideas and unique ability to create wonderful relationships to each client's project.

Nicole Hobbins

Nicole Hobbins works remotely from Calgary where she is currently studying her Masters in Architecture. In between studies and design projects, she makes sure our IT is on track, websites are updated, and all of our techie stuff is running smoothly (the stuff her mom can't wrap her head around).