n e s t

[ h o m e   +   d e s i g n ]

Imagine how a bird collects twigs and branches, fluff, and tufts of grass from all over - combining them cohesively to build their perfect nest - this is what we want to emulate for you: each piece collected for your home should have a story; a memory, meaning or some personal importance; or hold some actual appreciation or admiration by you - whether locally crafted or simply beautiful to look at. We are not interested in filling your home from a single source or a shopping cart full of items that were on sale last weekend... Your space should be curated and collected - not cluttered - and pieces should be carefully chosen over time to create your story. We hope to inspire you with very special pieces that become a part of your own n e s t.

n e s t is a verb

the act of nesting, preparing your home for your family.

n e s t is a noun

the place you live, your habitat, abode, the home you create.

n e s t [home + design]

a curated collection of unique homeware to help create your story.

n e s t is a shop where you can come to be inspired: we have carefully staged each vignette; purposefully decorated the store; lovingly created layers of romantic velvets; deliberately mixed modern and classic elements; we want you to find inspiration for your own home.

If you are looking for a big box store or a place to find widely-available or trendy items - in quantities of 12 or even 6 - that is not n e s t. We carefully select items from all over the globe to pull together classic looks with eclectic touches; to inspire and intrigue our guests. We are not interested in everyone having the same look or even the same item. Many of our selections are one-of-a-kind and are painted, sewn, or created by local artisans who we love and want to share with you.