and keeping our customers safe

Firstly, we want to thank you for your incredible support over the last eight weeks while our doors have been closed to the public. Our new online store has become integral for our business (it launched just as we had to close our doors) - so thank you to our returning customers and welcome to so many new ones!

As we prepare to open up again, slowly, we have some mitigations in place. These are not only to protect you and us, but also to protect the more vulnerable loved ones many of us have contact with. All of our staff has someone at home who is more susceptible, so we appreciate your help in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Our New Normal

To start, we're opening our doors for only a few hours each day. We will open again on Tuesday, May 19 from 2-5 pm. Until further notice, we will be open from Monday-Friday from 2-5 pm, but available online 24/7, and available outside of these hours by appointment for retail consults and design services.

We will be requiring our patrons to wear masks in our store - we have complimentary disposable masks available at our entrance. Additionally, we have a hand sanitizer station at the front door to reduce the germs that make their way inside. (Special thanks to Broken Oak Distillery for making hand sanitizer for the community of Grande Prairie!) If you prefer not to, or are unable to wear a mask, we ask that you please continue with our contactless shopping option online with curbside pickup.

Our staff are committed to fighting this virus and will be cleaning and disinfecting the high traffic areas of our store. Regularly-touched items like the pin pad at checkout and the handles on the front door will be disinfected after each customer. To help with the extra cleaning, we ask that you try to only touch items that you intend to purchase.

Because we have a small space with not a lot of room to maintain the 2 metre distancing considerations, we will be limiting the number of patrons allowed in the store at any given time. We will only be able to accommodate 2 patrons at a time, so please keep your "social bubble" small.

It's up to all of us to fight the efficacy of this virus and we appreciate your understanding and compliance with our new normal. It won't be forever!

Relaunch Considerations

As per Alberta Health Guidelines, here is a full summary of our relaunch considerations.

Distancing Measures

  •  Staff stays behind counter while assisting patron.
  • Limited number of patrons at any given time.
  • Disposable masks provided for free to patrons and staff have non-medical fabric masks for when 2 metre distance must be breached (e.g. at checkout.)
  • Online shopping, delivery, and curbside pickup are available for most retail items.


  •  Pin pad to be disinfected after every use.
  • Single point of entry for public. Door handles to be disinfected after each patron leaves.
  • Discourage patrons from handling retail items unless they are purchasing. Handled retail items will be disinfected as needed.
  • Drawers and doors that house items for purchase which are normally closed will be left open or disinfected after use.
  • iPad touch screen will be disinfected at beginning and end of shift and between users when necessary. Use of touch screen limited to staff only.

Screening for Symptoms

  •  Small staff workforce allows for strong communication. Employees have been educated on self-monitoring and self-identifying symptoms.
  • Staff is encouraged to stay home if they do not feel comfortable coming in to work or if symptoms develop. If no staff is available to safely work, store will be closed until staff is available.
  • Staff attendance will be logged electronically.
  • Staff who come to work with symptoms will be sent home and any surface they touch will be disinfected.


  •  Disposable masks are available for free to patrons as soon as they enter the store. Masks are required to enter due to employee concerns and close relationships with people at greater risk.
  • Gloves will be used when disinfecting high-traffic surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at front door and checkout. Patrons are required to sanitize hands on entering and are encouraged to sanitize at checkout.


  •  Owner will be responsible for ensuring staff and customers are following precautions. Staff is encouraged to send people to online shop if they do not wish to follow precautions.
  • All staff contact information is up-to-date.
  • Customer information is required at checkout to ensure log of people who come into contact with the store, in case of exposure. Customers will be encouraged to download and use the ABTraceTogether app.

COVID-19 Resources

Grande Prairie

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COVID-19 Business Resiliency (Chamber of Commerce)

COVID-19 Information (Downtown Association)


ABTraceTogether app

COVID-19 info for Albertans

Help prevent the spread (Government of Alberta)

Dr. Hinshaw on Twitter (Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health)

Mental health support (Government of Alberta)


Coronavirus disease Digital Tools (Government of Canada)

Coronavirus disease (Government of Canada)

Dr. Tam on Twitter (Canada's Chief Public Health Officer)


Thanks for supporting local during this time of uncertainty.

Be well, stay safe.

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