Taxz Metallic Brown Hanging Table Clock

Taxz Metallic Brown Hanging Table Clock

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Crafted from metal and finished in a metallic brown tone, the Taxz is a stunning table clock that flaunts a design inspired by old English clocks. The clock features a white-toned face with bold, legible markings that make it easier to read time from a distance. Powered by a quartz movement, the Taxz requires a single, AA battery for operation. 

  • 16.0" Wide Table Clock

    The Taxz table clock measures 9.0" long by 5.0" wide by 16.0" high. 

  • Metal Construction

    The Taxz is meticulously crafted from metal, making it a sturdy yet stylish addition to any space. 

  • Superior Finish

    The Taxz flaunts a spectacular, rustic brown tone with a white face. This piece features matte-black polished metal hands which not only complement the overall design but also ensure that it is easy to read time from a distance. 

  • This table clock flaunts clean lines and a unique design, which when complemented by its radiant finish, makes it the perfect addition to your office or living space. Its never too late to have a beautiful timepiece.