Love the Clutter Throws

Love the Clutter Throws

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Love the Clutter throws have been selected from a crafted and curated collection from a company whose goal is to gather and create home and lifestyle pieces that are unique works of art, with the mission to help people and the world around us.

Each piece has a mind of its own, with the aim to make the design the best it can be. Each piece is handmade, each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Materials to make these throws are mindfully sourced. Love the Clutter works with weavers in India, Morocco and Turkey to create decorative pillows and throws with focus on ethical manufacturing, environmental consciousness, and quality. Love the Clutter works in small batch production to ensure the exclusivity of each piece.

"It’s the things we collect, that we place on our shelves, on our tables, on our walls on and on our floors. These things express who we are and our life's vision and values. We surround ourselves with the things that make us feel at home, the things that make us “us.” And that, dear friend, is why we Love The Clutter."

-From Love the Clutter