At n e s t, we are proud to carry some amazing paint lines for you to choose from. All are Canadian-made in Ontario, locally-sourced, and very high quality. We are happy to answer any paint questions you may have in store or at one of our workshops.

Mango Paint is the latest addition to our paint collection here at n e s t. Mango Paint is specifically designed to restyle furniture and create a velvety soft, shabby chic, or French Provence look. This paint line imparts a beautiful soft matte finish that is incredibly smooth to the touch.

Fusion Mineral Paint has taken the DIY paint market by storm. We brought Fusion to Grande Prairie when the company was only a few months old, and 5 years later, Fusion is sold all over the world. Fusion is a DIY paint that requires minimal prep, is easy to apply, and doesn't need to be sealed or top-coated. It is ultra-durable and stocked in over 50 colours. It is the perfect paint for beginners, but it's also a favourite to professionals. Learn more at

Homestead House Milk Paint is made by the parent company of Fusion, and they've been making paint for over 30 years. HHMP makes all of their paint in-house, testing every batch for colour and product quality. Milk Paint comes in powder form, simply mix with water in the amount required for your project. This is a thinner paint that soaks into porous substrates (raw wood, terra cotta) and dries impeccably hard. When applied to previously finished surfaces, you can either add Bonding Agent to achieve a solid finish or skip the Bonding Agent, and get an authentically chippy surface as the Milk Paint will adhere in a more random way.

Please note that some products may not be available online due to limited stock. Feel free to email us if there is something you're looking for but can't find!

COMING SOON: Dixie Belle Paint