Buff your piece to a lustrous finish with our collection of furniture waxes. Choose from different brands of clear, tinted, or even scented wax to get your desired finish.

Ensure your surface is clean, then apply your wax - natural-bristle brushes work really well, but you can also use a lint-free rag. Most require "buffing" to seal and shine the finish. Tinted waxes are often best applied with a brush to get into the recesses of your piece, then when you buff away the excess, there will be deposits of wax in those recesses giving an aged appearance.

Waxes are best suited to lightly-used surfaces, as they can be scratched off from traffic over time. You may wish to re-apply or re-buff your wax finish as it wears over time. Waxes are somewhat resistant to water, but we don't recommend using outdoors.

Wax requires a solvent to clean up spills, wash your brush, or to remove from your piece.