We carry a variety of stains that can be used on raw wood to change the colour, or over top of paint for a wash effect. 

Stains can be applied with a brush, sponge, lint-free rag, or specialized applicator pad. Most will need to be wiped back after some time to remove any excess stain that has not been absorbed.

Water-based stains are easy to use and easy to clean up. Most will soak all the way into the wood to keep the grain highly visible. You can dilute with water to thin the stain for a more subtle effect. These cannot be used over oil-based products.

Oil-based stains are super durable. They may get a bit stinky, so be sure to use in a ventilated area. Oil-based stains require solvent to clean up or dilute. These can usually be used over top of water- or oil-based products.

Gel stains are usually oil-based (with the exception of Dixie Belle's Voodoo Gel Stain). Gel stains are thicker and tend to have more pigment than other stains. Gel stains are somewhere in between a paint and a stain - where you can still see the wood grain but also have a layer sitting on top instead of soaking in. Gel stains can be extremely durable finishes. Cleaning and diluting methods depend on the product.

Different colours of stains may be mixed to achieve a custom colour. We highly recommend only mixing two colours of the same product to ensure the final finish turns out properly. Remember: oil resists water - they don't mix!